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Managing Accounts Receivable and Collections Made Easy!

High time that you unlock the monies stuck in your unpaid invoices!


numberz is a smart B2B Accounts Receivable and Collections SaaS platform that helps you view, track and collect your unpaid invoices. 


numberz can do the heavy lifting when it comes to your  'monies-in'. Get better visibility and control about all things AR! While you focus on stuff that really matters. Like your Business...and Clients...and Growth!

Numberz_P013 Web Banner for Mid-Market V

Growth. An objective that businesses of all sizes aim for constantly. One of the key hurdles to growth is an adverse cashflow.  The most daunting  challenge that businesses face today is managing this very aspect.


The biggest area impacting adverse cash flow is Account Receivables i.e. your monies stuck in delays, disputes, and more critically your accounts receivable (AR) process challenges! 

Throwing more People or your ERP at this problem doesn't solve it, as you are painfully aware of.  It needs a solution that can complement your existing teams and solutions, without sacrificing client relationship. 

A solution that kills the AR problem! Through Automation, Collaboration and Integration!

Why do these challenges even occur?

Whether you are a large corporate or a mid-sized one or even mid sized enterprise, managing AR process leading upto timely collections is marred with many challenges. Contrary to the usual belief, they are NOT caused because of  things beyond your control. 

And yes. The above is despite the usage of ERPs and CRMs to manage the receivables! What this also means is that the delays, efforts, disputes, and heartburns  are cause by reasons that can be CONTROLLED !

customer intent to pay

Customer Intent

10 - 15%


Client Cash Flow issues

15 - 20%


Your Own Process Challenges

55 - 65%

This is where numberz steps in!

numberz enables end-to-end Receivables & Collection Management on a single platform


Accurate and Easy Visibility

Single view of receivables for the management and the teams on the ground. All the AR KPIs and Insights the way they need it.


Intelligent and Powerful


Put your end to end AR/Collections workflows on steroids. From Smart reminders to periodic statements. From schemes to assessing risk. numberz automation has you covered.


Get Paid Early, Get Paid Now or Get Paid Later

numberz integrates with financial services like Payment Gateways. It also has an engine to run dynamic discounting and early pay incentives


Painless and faster

dispute resolution

Anticipate and resolve issues before they become disputes. Manage the disputes and escalations when they do occur.


Seamless Remote Team Collaboration

Between the finance, operations, and sales teams. Whether they are centralized or spread out. numberz CRM capabilities come in handy.

Time to give your ERPs, CRMs or Accounting Solutions a boost they always needed to manage collections. Time to re-imagine your AR workflows with a dedicated cloud solution that is innovative, robust and secure. 

Numberz_P013 Web Banner for Mid-Market V

numberz integrates with most of the standard ERPs. But in case you have a custom ERP or other solutions that are aside from the below, you are good to go too! 

It's the integration with various Financial Services that truly brings 'AR Magic' to the platform. From B2B Loyalty Programs, Payment Gateways to Working Capital Loan providers, numberz has you and yours customers covered! 

Businesses spanning various industries, vintages, sizes and clientele - ranging from small, mid-sized corporates to fortune 500 companies - are adopting numberz to streamline their collections process.

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Which businesses should look at the Smart AR platform?

Businesses (B2B) that have a spread out customer base, with moderate to high invoice volumes and with direct or indirect sales operations with build in credit terms.




Electrical & Electronics, Industrial goods, Chemicals, Auto Components


...and many more




SaaS, Logistics, Leasing, IT/ITES, Hospitality Manpower Services 



...and many more




After Market chains, CPG, F&B, Apparel businesses with direct or indirect channels 


...and many more



Outsourcing Firms


AR Outsourcing agencies with centralised operations, outsourced CFO Service providers

...and many more


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