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Pricing that ensures returns

Choose a plan that best suits a business, we will help you all the way through!

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An enterprise grade solution need not have a pricing that will require a separate budget allocation! If it is linked to the value that the solution provides, then businesses of all sizes would benefit. That's the approach that numberz takes.

Built for enterprises of various sizes and complexities, numberz offers benefits that grows with your business!


Ideal for small to mid-sized corporates with lower invoice volumes and smaller client network. Opt for this if you clock less than INR 50 Cr in Credit Sales.

₹1.2 Lakhs

Per annum

Per month



Ideal for mid-sized to large enterprises with large invoice volumes, complex client networks and business models. Opt for this if you clock more than INR 50 Cr in Credit Sales.


₹6 Lakhs

Onwards Per month

Onwards Per annum

Invoice Volumes Supported : Upto 300/month
Client Supported                        : Upto 150/month
No of Users                                    : Upto 5
Invoice Volumes Supported : Custom
Client Supported                        : Custom
No of Users                                    : Custom
  • Smart Collections Dashboard with standard Receivables KPIs and drill-downs.

  • AR reports module spanning Collections performance of the company, Client Ageing Reports, Basic Customer Segmentation etc.

  • Client management including smart behaviour based reminders engine, notifications and alerts, unique client portal, access to document downloads etc.

  • Standard dispute management module and reporting.

  • Access to Payment Gateway for collections. NBFC Connect for receivable financing.

  • Tally Native Access integration. Other ERPs via FTP.

Everything in GROWTH plan plus :

  • Advanced AR Dasboard including Custom Flelds.

  • Advance AR reports module spanning Risk based Customer Segment Reports, Collector Performance Reports, Target Performance, MultiCurrency Reports, Sub Segmentation.

  • AR CRM for team coordination - activities, tasks, team performance etc.

  • Client management module including custom customer journey builder for dunning, risk based notifications and alerts, access to client statements, ledgers etc.

  • Advance dispute management module including auto task assignment, escalations etc.

  • Access to Early Pay incentive module (B2P Loyalty Program)

  • SAP, Oracle Native Access integration. Other ERPs via FTP.

Plan Details

A more detailed comparison between the two plans across each AR business areas

More Questions? 

Still curious about how numberz works or the pricing plans ? Here are a few of the more common questions asked of us.
Of course, in case you need some more information, you can always speak to one of out specialists. Just hit the orange contact button - and we will get back to you pronto!

Is there a free trial for Numberz Accounts Receivable software?

Yes! We offer 1 month free trial of our product with the basic features. Write to us at Apart from this we also keep running speacial schemes that are more periodic in nature. If you want to know of the promotions currently runnning, please reach out to the above email ID. Or submit your details on the website (orange button)

How can I know more about the product offerings?

numberz AR is a cloud based Accounts Receivable software, helping business grow by unlocking the cashflow stuck in unpaid and delayed invoices (receuvables). If you want to know more about the features, the look and feel of the platform, go to teh top of this page itself and clich on FEATURES. Apart from this you can also go here. This web page will solve most of your basic questions regarding the product. And in case you have more questins, are experts are standing by. Contact them via the chat buttom to your right, the email ID and other social media links provided at the bottom of the page.

Is there a product video that I can take a quick look, before scheduling a demo?

Why only the product video? You can take a look at a whole host of resources that can help you understand the AR problem, why you need a slolution and also know more about the product - including the case studies. Visit our resources section for all these and more here. Happy?

Who is a "user" as defined in your pricing?

numberz is used by businesses that are essentially "seller" organisations and are expecting payments on their credit invoices from the "buyer" organisations (their clients). A user is a key stakeholder of the seller organisation who is responsible and/or is onvolved in the collections or managing the receivables. This term can be used for

  • Management Stakeholder like a CF, CEO, Finance head or AR Head, Director, Treasury Head or any leadership member involved with AR
  • Operations Stakeholder diretly involved in AR Management. Colllectors, Finance Managers, AR Managers etc.
  • Sales/Support Operations Stakeholders who area involved in not just their core areas (like Sales) but are also involved in Collections/Recovery

Who is a "Client" as defined in your pricing?

Simple answer - the buyers! As mentioned the User definition (above), your customers are the Clients. Businesses that buy from you. And to whom you send invoices. Client experience is a critical area that numberz delves in. Your Clients are not just important to you - they are important for us too!